Fourth Generation Three Flap System

October 24, 2009


In the Fall of 2004 Duncan Norton proposed a new standard issue flap designed by Kyle Hughes to replace the Moritz ordeals.  The reasons stated for changing was that some people wanted to go back to the original Audubon bird from our first issues.  There was also an itch for change as the Steven Askin’s S12 had been around for nine years.  The changes for the Brotherhood and Vigil flaps were not approved until the next fellowship in Spring 2005.  There was a delay in selling the new designs since the lodge still had an inventory of the flaps from Moritz.  It appears as if it was not until Fall 2005 before the new flaps were sold.  Vigil flaps were not sold for many more fellowships because of inventory in the box.  When the Vigil flaps were ordered they were lost.  At this time it is believed that the lodge adviser simply can’t find them.  None of them have turned up.  These missing Vigils would be Krelman made flaps to match the Ordeal and Brotherhood flaps.  However, by the time the decision was made to order another batch of Vigils fate would have them come from yet another patch company.  During 2006 the BSA decided to license their memorabilia so that only patch companies who paid the BSA royalties were allowed to produce patches for councils and lodges. This new merchandise would have the BSA seal on the back noting it as an officially licensed product.  At the time that the new order of Vigil flaps was being placed the Krelman Company had not obtained it’s license.  Therefore, the new run of Vigil flaps were ordered from the A-B Emblem Company.  These new Vigil flaps were sold for the first time in 2007.

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