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Dixie Fellowship Delegation Issues

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beginning in 2002 Santee has issued some form of delegation memorabilia for the Dixie Fellowship.  The first year the item was an armband designed by Jason Spangler and Julian Fowler.  Each of the armbands were hand numbered and about 116 of them were produced.  The extras were sold off in a lottery format at the event.  Beginning in 2003 the memorabilia became a patch and tied together the lodge’s spirit theme.  Kyle Hughes designed a round basketball patch for our host year with the theme “Home Court Advantage”. In 2004 Kyle followed up with a Santee sleigh to go with the lodge spirit theme of “Christmas in Dixie”.  For the 2005 Dixie he dressed up a disco ball patch as the lodge went with a theme of “Disco Dixie”.  For the 2006 Dixie the ECM picked a color scheme similar to themes from the old days in the lodge.  “Back in the Limelight” was the theme that went down to Georgia and won the Spirit Award for the lodge.  The ECM decided to just take the regular Ordeal flap and have a lime green background inserted on it.  The patch came back as a twill background flap and was accompanied by a surprise matching dangle courtesy of the Key-3.  In 2007 the lodge used a Viking theme titled “What’s in Your Lodge” and the flap issued featured a parakeet with a Viking helmet designed by Jay Carlson.

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NOAC Issues

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Santee Lodge National Order of the Arrow Conference Patches

X1 - 1992 NOAC

X1 – 1992 NOAC

Since 1992 the lodge has made patches for delegates attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference. The first one was designed by Jason Spangler and is in the shape of an Indian head. The background is orange because the event was being held at the University of Tennessee whose school colors are orange. Two hundred of the “1992 N.O.A.C.” were made. Delegates to the conference were allowed to buy 8 each. All other members of the lodge were allowed to buy one.

X2 - 1994 NOAC

X2 – 1994 NOAC

With the 1994 N.O.A.C. the lodge came out with another delegate patch. Jason Spangler designed this patch which was in the shape of South Carolina and had a rarely used Audobon bird on it. Each delegate to the conference was allowed to purchase 7 “1994 N.O.A.C.” patches. Members of the lodge were allowed to purchase one of these.

X3 - 1994 NOAC

X3 – 1994 NOAC

In 1996 Steven Askins, who had already designed the new lodge flap, turned in a design for the delegation going to NOAC. He stuck with SC shaped design from 1994 but added his touch to the design and used another bird from the Audubon print that had not yet been on a Santee Issue. Following the standard going back to 1992 these patches were made available to all lodge members on a one per person basis. Members of the delegation were allowed to purchase extras. These patches were sold for $5, which was sort of a record high price for a patch in the lodge store. Because of this high price and high quotes for producing the upcoming S13 Brotherhood and S14 Vigil flap the lodge dropped Krelman as its patch company.

X4 - 1998 NOAC

X4 – 1998 NOAC

In 1998 the N.O.A.C. delegate patch was not approved by the lodge at a business meeting as had been the norm. This was typical of the period in the late 1990s and early 2000s when decisions on ordering memorabilia were not brought before the lodge but handled by the ECM.  In this case the lodge advisor at the time had the patches ordered and allowed members of the N.O.A.C. delegation to preorder patches. One delegate preordered fifty of them. The patches were never available for sale to the lodge membership.

X5 - 2000 NOAC

X5 – 2000 NOAC

For the 2000 N.O.A.C the delegate patch was once again ordered by an adviser.  This time all brothers were allowed to purchase a patch but not until fall fellowship when the leftovers from the delegation were in the store. The patch featured the same design used for the spring, workday, and summer patches of that year but with a blue background.

X6 - 2004 NOAC

X6 – 2004 NOAC

The lodge did not send a N.O.A.C. delegation in 2002 but did in 2004 to Iowa.  The patch designed by Kyle Hughes came back very big and featured a row of corn honoring the home of that years N.O.A.C.  Some of these patches were made available to lodge members after the event.

S? - 2006 NOAC Flap

S? – 2006 NOAC Flap

In 2006 the lodge delegation did not arrive in Michigan with a patch. Instead the flap was ordered after the event and featured a button loop on top of the flap as a design element from Kyle Hughes.  These flaps were present at the 2006 Fall but none were sold because of some confusion as to how they should be distributed.  Only one lodge member who had preordered the flaps months before was allowed to pick up his order.  These flaps were first sold at the 2007 Winter Banquet and went three per person.  The remaining flaps were sold at the 2007 Spring Fellowship.

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