Rounds and Jacket Patches

October 24, 2009


Santee Lodge Rounds and Jacket Patches

R1 - Bicentennial Similar to the 1973 Fall Fellowship patch (35th anniversary A2) the patch for the 1976 Summer Fellowship falls under the “if it looks like a duck” rule. Many Scout councils and lodges issued memorabilia to commemorate America’s bicentennial in 1976. The summer fellowship patch that year was Santee’s effort to celebrate the event. Since the fellowship patch did not say fellowship and was a round patch it looked more like a lodge issue…”if it looks like a duck”. Therefore, national collectors consider this fellowship patch as the R1.
J1 - Twill Jacket Patch


In 1977 the lodge issued a 6 inch round twill jacket patch. The design for this patch was by Greg Vaught. Like most all Santee patches it has the traditional symbolism in its design. There was no restriction placed on the purchase of these patches. This run of patches was sold out by 1981.
J2 - Black Arrow Jacket Patch


In 1986 the lodge issued a 5 inch round embroidered jacket patch. The patch followed the design of the contemporary flap in the mid 1980s and had an Audubon parakeet. It was the only patch to feature a black arrow for the bird to perch on. It was also sold openly and was designed by Sam McCown. The back-patches sold out in 1987.
J3 - 60th Anniversary Jacket Patch


The third Santee jacket patch came out for the 60th anniversary in 1998.  The patches were designed by Marshall Smith and copied the now familiar design for the Santee J’s.  The patches cost $8 in the lodge store and were sold on open sale.  The final batch was sold at the 2000 Spring Fellowship.

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