The Dixie Host and Dixie Delegate

October 24, 2009


Santee Lodge was again hosting the Dixie Fellowship in 1983. James Potter, who was the lodge staff adviser, was given permission to design a special staff item for Santee members to have at the Dixie. He designed and ordered a flap for brothers to wear at the Dixie. The background of the design was blue and it contained the words, “DIXIE HOST”. The 300 flaps were sold at the pre Dixie weekend and at the Dixie Fellowship.

Another flap designed and ordered by James Potter was for delegates to the 1984 Dixie. Without consent of the lodge, Potter ordered a flap that used the color orange in place of the traditional red outside border. This color went with the spirit theme of the 1984 Dixie delegation from the lodge which was, “Orange you glad we came”. The flaps were sold three per delegate at the Dixie.  Although the origins of this patch are unofficial it has always been considered a lodge issue since Potter was the ex-staff advisor and the flaps were sold to lodge members.

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